January 6, 2008

A Detour of Sorts (For My Readers)

Well, this blog is approximately six months shy of being two years old. I have been blessed with the input of fans and critics alike, who have made this blog an interesting venture since its start in June 2006. At the beginning of this year, I am taking a detour of sorts. It's a move I have contemplated from quite some time (perhaps since the inception of this blog). I am branching out. How so? Well, when I started writing about the challenge some religious pundits were making against the biblical liberties of single people (viz., the marriage mandate movement), my concern was how such a challenge impacted religious men. Yet for some time, I have felt that my subject matter cannot be confined to just controversies over decisions about marriage. Not only are men shamed into marriage, they are shamed in dating practices, shamed into economic expectations, shamed for their sexual preferences in women, shamed for this--shamed for that. The shaming needs to stop.

I am glad to see an emerging generation of men who are standing up to the old tired nonsense of male-bashing and gynocentrism. They are making their voices heard, but you won't hear them through the sounding brass and clanging cymbals of legacy media. No, they are on Blogger, YouTube, MySpace, the internet forums, the chat rooms, the places where the establishment can't drown out the voice of dissent. I believe it is these men who have their thumb on the pulse of what contemporary manhood means, not the spin doctors who have hijacked our airwaves and our chain bookstores.

On that note, I am showcasing the alternate blog to Scripturally Single --- Biblical Manhood (that's biblicalmanhood.blogspot.com). I have had that blog registered for some time, but I am now polishing off the dust, putting in the gas and oil, and cranking the motor. It's time to mow the lawn. My objective to discuss biblical manhood will especially be in the context of defending men from the anti-male garbage that is being thrown at them from certain religious pundits. Why? Because the battle for manhood is not a left-right issue. It's a matter of liberty vs. totalitarianism. Men who stand up for men may not only find themselves at odds with feminists and the cultural left, but also with neo-traditionalists and right-wing cultural reactionaries. I endeavor to take no side except the side of truth in that regard. More importantly, I am also doing what I am doing because I am extremely distressed the way my religion (Christianity) is being co-opted for certain agendas of a questionable nature. So, when some religious figure tells me that "real men" do x-y-z, I will be raising the question as to whether that person's demand is biblical or if it is just cultural.

That's a bit of what's in store at my other blog. I don't know how much more I will be posting at this blog. I will probably continue to write about marriage and singleness, but do so on the Biblical Manhood blog. I'll just have to see how things go. I may post on both blogs or jump back here, but for right now, my guess is that my future writings will solely be at the new blog. Like I indicated, it's been in the works for some time, and I think the concept "Scripturally Single" is a little too narrow for where I've already been leaning. I intend to keep my old posts here available, but if you see this place go dormant then you know where I am.

Thank you for reading.


Blogger many_luxury_vacations said...

Please keep up this blog as well. I love your work and how you skillfully show where much of this debate has gone wrong.

1/10/08, 8:03 PM  
Anonymous Gannon said...

I think society's main problem is that nowadys men are expected to marry 30 year old perimenopausal women. In the old testament, all women married in their teens. It is in a woman's nature to marry young, somewhere around 13-22, and that nature originates from the wishes of the creator. The bible aproves and endorses the marriage of teen girls.

5/11/08, 3:16 PM  
Anonymous John Dias said...

Anakin Niceguy wrote:

"Not only are men shamed into marriage, they are shamed in dating practices, shamed into economic expectations, shamed for their sexual preferences in women, shamed for this--shamed for that. The shaming needs to stop."

The shaming needs to stop?

If you want the shaming to stop, you could go on a cultural campaign against shaming tactics. If you were wildly successful, you might even achieve some inroads for time, making it politically incorrect to shame men. But that would be extremely costly, require enormous effort, may not last even if you achieved it, and despite your best efforts might not even be successful.

An alternative to demanding that shaming tactics be stopped is to promote the concept of personal independent judgment (PIJ). This is the best way to combat shaming tactics. The average man can simply be encouraged to say, "Well, I don't see it that way and I'm not going to do that," and thereafter refuse to justify himself.

Promoting personal independent judgment is far more effective at combating shaming tactics, as opposed to shaming everyone into stopping the anti-male shaming. I'm not saying that we should not be speaking out against shaming tactics; we should. But promoting PIJ will give us the biggest payoff for our efforts, and each man sees the benefits immediately.

Come to think of it, PIJ is the same concept as Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), isn't it? :-)

7/20/09, 11:36 AM  

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